Balestra was founded in Rome in 1959, by Renato Balestra. In 2022, the historical maison embraced its natural metamorphosis to begin a whole new design era, led by the founder’s daughters Fabiana and Federica Balestra and his granddaughter Sofia Bertolli Balestra.

A new creative team of young designers now propels the brand’s evolution into the future, envisioning a new paradigm of poetry and storytelling while still celebrating Balestra’s heritage: freedom and creativity remain the true drivers of its idea of fashion and style – but become part of a broader vision of inclusivity and empowerment, which celebrates the cosmopolitan nature of our globally connected life.

The maison leverages its mastery of art, design, craftsmanship and Made-in-Italy technology to elevate standards of excellent quality and innovation, as well as the human values the company has always upheld. Merging the past into the future, Balestra continues to evolve and innovate, to keep craftsmanship at the heart of tomorrow.

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Brand nuova Balestra Roma Renato