Reload. To inspire new generations with optimism and glamour

Merging the past into the future

With the 2022 F/W Milan Fashion Week, we are bringing to life a complete brand reload – heralded by our first Ready-to-Wear collection. It is a natural metamorphosis for us, as we face an important generational shift and begin a whole new design era. Led exclusively by women and with a new creative team of emerging talents, we propel the brand’s evolution into the future, envisioning a new paradigm of poetry and storytelling while still celebrating Balestra’s heritage.

Freedom and creativity have always been true drivers of our idea of fashion and style, but with this new evolution we reinforce our legacy through a broader vision of inclusivity and empowerment, which celebrates the cosmopolitan nature of our globally connected life.

Merging the past into the future, we continue to evolve and innovate, to keep craftsmanship at the heart of tomorrow.

The concept behind the collection

Born from a dream of light at dusk, our FW22.23 collection speaks of freedom, of the desire to live the night, and stay up until dawn – because the rising sun is a symbol of optimism. Dreams allow us to go beyond reality, to shape our future, to let ourselves believe in ambitious goals, and sometimes to see who we truly are. So this collection is our homage to the dreams that never fade, the ones we chase after, the ones that push the best of us under the spotlight, the ones we can still feel in our eyes when we wake up – and change how we see the future.

The timeless collection, designed to overcome seasonality, stands out for its high-quality materials and craftsmanship, inspired by Haute Couture. It is fluid and sustainable, in harmony with new generations’ sensitivity and awareness. It draws inspiration from Balestra’s legendary period between the late 1970s and the 1980s, referencing soft shapes, plunging necklines and oversized shoulders, allowing the body complete freedom. Our heritage is also featured in the RB monogram – originally designed in 1971 by Renato Balestra – which expands into a large-scale print, with a neon effect created by overlapping graphics.

Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Renato Balestra, and Rome

The collection’s vision is inspired by a strong woman, overlapped with Piranesi’s evocative symbolism and shared love for Rome. The Eternal City returns in all of its magnificence, on the fabrics printed with 18th-century etchings. Filtered through the iconic Blu Balestra, the panoramic views turn into oneiric motif and theatrical suggestion, with the full energy of a vibrant hue.

Renato Balestra, like Piranesi, was captured by Rome and became its ambassador in the world. Quoting the city is our invitation to dream, to let feelings run through us, to imagine physical and ideal places.