The night of Rome lights up in Blu Balestra

Balestra's first blue dress, dated 1962, was exhibited at the Capitoline Museums, heralding Rome's forthcoming tribute to Renato Balestra on the occasion of his centenary birth anniversary.

On the night between May 3rd and 4th, 2024, Rome will adorn itself in the distinctive Blu Balestra. The tribute by Roma Capitale, in collaboration with the Balestra family, is a symbolic recognition of a great artist, ambassador, and pioneer of Made in Italy.

The enchanting illumination in Blu Balestra is planned for the locations where Renato used to present his collections: Piazza del Campidoglio, the Spanish Steps, and Porta Pinciana (via Veneto).

Alessandro Onorato, Rome Councilor for Fashion, Sport, Tourism and Major Events

“We wanted to pay homage to Renato Balestra on the centenary of his birth. The Maestro's love with Rome was long and intense. They liked each other straight away and valued each other. This city welcomed him with open arms and was enchanted by his creativity. If Rome is the capital of fashion, art and culture it is also thanks to the intuitions and work of Balestra, who since the 1950s has raised the name of the city, making it attractive for artists, models and actors. It represented and still represents the quality of Made in Italy craftsmanship, a heritage that the whole world envies us and that we must enhance every day. Balestra's example must guide many young people to pursue their dream. We are happy to have paid homage to him with Mayor Roberto Gualtieri: before announcing the news of the illuminated monuments we gave the Balestra family, their daughters Fabiana, Federica and granddaughter Sofia, a commemorative plaque of Roma Capitale".

Federica Balestra

“Renato Balestra was a pioneer of Italian fashion in the world, capable of conquering the international jet set since the end of the 1950s with his elegant and refined style. A style icon with a pure soul and the enthusiasm of a child. His imagination and his emotions are reflected in his creations, transforming them into works of art and dreams to wear. With blue always in his heart, in his eyes and in his unforgettable clothes."