Ciao Renato

"Saddened by this terrible passing, the memory of an extraordinary man remains.
Unique thanks to his curiosity and passion that allowed him to be a protagonist of Italian high fashion in the world."

Fabiana, Federica, Sofia and Marta

Born in Trieste on May 3, 1924, Renato Balestra traversed the history of this country among the great names of Italian Haute Couture. He began his career in the 1950s and soon distinguished himself for his unique style that over the years allowed him to emerge, generating a profound impact on Italian haute couture around the world. His undeniable talent for drawing made him "the painter of fashion," able to integrate different artistic techniques to enhance the beauty of his creations. His iconic Balestra Blue is an indelible mark in the collective memory.

Since the 1970s, his fame as a designer was associated with "painting embroidery," the original use of different fabrics and transparencies, representing the innovative spirit and freedom of expression in a context of modernitỳ , strength and sensualitỳ . Renato Balestra's success in Europe, the United States, Asia and the Middle East has always brought Rome to the world and invited the world to Rome.

Renato Balestra's history